Samantha Eva


Hey friend, I’m so happy you’re here! I’m Samantha, a 26 year old entrepreneur, online educator, photographer and adventurer with a passion for all things business-related and artistic.

My interest in entrepreneurship and working from home started out with a love of writing and photography, and has since developed into so much more. With over 8 years of experience building my own businesses, I’ve celebrated many successes and learned from even more of my failures.

Living in Canada, I’ve always been surrounded and inspired by nature’s beauty. I started traveling at a young age with my family and was fortunate enough to discover my love of adventure early on.

I grew up in the GTA but decided to get out of the city in my early 20s. After discovering the gorgeous landscape of Muskoka, Ontario with its rolling rocky hills, freshwater lakes and colorful forests, I moved to a small town in the area. I’ve never felt more at home, living among nature with my fiancé Chad, our little dog Amy and cat Xena.

Samantha Eva in Algonquin Park, Canada

With deep experience teaching others how to create the life of their dreams, and currently maintaining my photography print shop, Etsy shop offering silky-smooth throw pillows, and nature-inspired clothing line, I always have something on the go. (Scroll down for links)

With my online coaching programs, my goal is to pass on my near-decade of online business experience to others that are looking for inspiration and are ready to jump into their own venture with the right advice and training to get it done quickly, and get it done right. If you’re not quite ready to dive in yet, I hope you’ll take advantage of the free business tips and proven methods I share here on my blog.

Thanks for hanging out + I hope to see you on Instagram! If you want to reach out and say hello, send me a message there or at the email below.


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